MaryKate is delightful to work with! She has a calm, grounded, and thoughtful approach, which is paired with her immense knowledge of food allergies. She was imperative at helping us with our daughter’s transition from a small preschool to public elementary school. She had great suggestions on how we could ensure my daughter’s safety at school, was attentive to detail, and very knowledgeable about the public school system.

I learned so much from MaryKate that has helped me in managing my daughter’s food allergies at home, school, and in the community. I particularly appreciated her creativity in finding fun, allergen-free foods I could make for celebrations, including classroom and birthday parties. I also greatly valued her understanding and compassion for how living with and managing food allergies can have an emotional impact on individuals and families. Her support, knowledge, and understanding truly helped me both at a practical level and at an emotional one. 
— Renata
MaryKate is awesome and so helpful. The strategies she shared to make our child’s experience transitioning to preschool were amazing. Reaching out and getting advice and knowledge has helped me make smart decisions and stay calm.”
— Stephanie
MaryKate has a very welcoming, open style. She quickly puts people at ease. There’s no pretense or guardedness about her, which makes people feel very comfortable. She has a growth mindset for herself and for all of her clients, and makes each person feel special and unique.
— Erin G.