Nailed It

I mentioned in a previous post some of the stresses of traveling with food allergies, including trying to approximate local treats so my daughter with food allergies doesn’t feel left out.

Earlier this summer we traveled to the Outer Banks, where one of the local specialties is Duck Donuts. They are terrific for many food allergic customers, but our allergies are numerous and we just aren’t a match. 

In parallel to vacationing in the land of Duck Donuts, we have been watching the show “Nailed It,” which is absolutely brilliant. Seriously, I laughed so hard at that unicorn episode I was sore the next day.

This all came together one morning when all the kids in our shared home wanted to walk to Duck Donuts for breakfast. In this situation, my kiddo can stay home and miss out on the treats and the company, or go and just miss out on the treat. One of our family mantras is, “people are more important than food,” and so she usually chooses to go. And while I often make donuts, I didn’t happen to have any on hand that day.

Bam! I remembered how many treats are molded from Rice Krispy Treats on Nailed It, and quick fashioned her a donut to go so she could participate in a modified treat with all the other kids.

Nailed it is right.