Making Space

You may have noticed it has been several weeks since I posted a Friday High Five...or anything at all. There are a few reasons why.

First, my family and I have been enjoying summer by hosting and visiting dear family and friends, and it is hard to stay on top of writing when I am out of my routine.

Second, I am a firm believer in and practitioner of radical self care in many forms, including boundaries and breaks. 

But if I am really honest with myself and all of you, a lot of the reason I haven’t posted is that traveling is one of the very hardest things I do as a parent of a child with food allergies. It is logistically and emotionally demanding to be out of our routine. I research grocery stores and restaurants at our destinations. I meal plan, and back up meal plan. I bring a bread machine, a blender or two, and several coolers of food. I look up the “cool treats” in each place and then try to decide if and how I can approximate those in our rental kitchen, where cleanliness, equipment, and quality are uncertain. I make sure all of our medications are up to date and in containers that will keep them temperature stable. I map the nearest hospital and ER. I worry.

One of the parts of dealing with food allergies that bums me out the most is losing out on the feeling of being spontaneous and carefree. So we do our best, and we are having wonderful adventures and making lots of memories, and we have incredible family and friends, and I am tired. This post reminded me I am not alone in feeling the stress and needing the breaks. 

And whether I am posting or not, I am here if you feel like you could use some support or need a break as well.