Friday High Five: Wanderlust, Part 1

Ahhh, summer. ‘Tis the season of travel and adventure. Whether you wander close to home or far away, food allergies might limit your food choices but they shouldn’t limit your adventures. Here are some ideas to make your travel season safe, fun, and maybe even...relaxing. 

Your autoinjector with medication must go everywhere with you, and summer can bring hot temperatures which could render the medicine less effective. This guy is one of my favorite options for keeping our autoinjectors at a constant temperature.

This one thing has made preparing for celebrations so much easier. It’s so easy to keep your safe, special treat safe on the go. We always bring two. Here’s why: kids drop stuff. Also, some other families might be less prepared, and we like to share when we can.

All of my clients get these as part of my services. They come in handy in SO many instances. Having everything in writing is another way to minimize the possibility of miscommunication and error.

And, wherever we go, we always have our go-to foods and snacks to make sure there is always a safe option that is easy to keep on us. 

Where are you headed this summer? I can help you in choosing destinations, airlines, accommodations, restaurants, and activities as well as coach you to navigate for a safe and fun vacation. Research shows that our happiness is increased in planning and anticipating trips - limit your food, not your joy!