Friday High Five: June Joy

Last week, for my first “high five.” I focused mostly on food allergy resources. Week in and weekout, though, I intend to share five things that have brought me joy. Some will feel directly connected to food allergies and special diets, but others won’t. Because regardless of what your challenge, experience, or situation is, I believe we can all grow through what we go through, and sharing our stories helps us connect and experience our common humanity. So while I offer my clients specific logistical support with defined challenges, I also offer them opportunities to be contemplative in action - not necessarily from a faith perspective, but just from a life perspective. So, in that spirit...

This book had my jaw on the floor. One of the lessons from the book reminds me of this quote from Lou Holtz: “It’s not the quote that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” And this quote is one I remind myself of often as it relates to parenting a child with food allergies. It is day in, day out, high pressure work, with little room for mistakes. But part of the reason I write, and share my experience, and coach, is that there can be healing in it as well. 

This article. I can’t wait to read the book. And the question is helping me already.

True Belonging. Our struggles may bring us to the wilderness. This book talks about what we might find there.

If you’re like me and have a sweet tooth at breakfast, try this recipe - with my favorite chocolate chips. They happen to be safe food most allergies, but I would buy them regardless. We sub water or more coconut milk for the almond milk - like most recipes I love, it is flexible and customizable.

What brought you joy this week?