Friday High Five: WanderMUST

I spent most of last week thinking about, praying about, and responding to the crisis at our border, with children being separated from their families. Then I posted a Friday High Five about wanderlust and didn’t even think to connect my blog to my actual life, and the wanderMUST these families are facing. It hasn’t been sitting well with me.

I am still - always - figuring out how best to use this platform and my voice to make our world a better, stronger, safer,  and more compassionate place for all people. In that spirit, here are ways I have been engaging in our beautiful, broken world as mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, coach, and person.

I have a heart for children - always have. I worry about the children who are without their parents. I worry about children being detained who have food allergies and special diets, and what is being done to keep them safe and healthy. I worry about my own children, and the betrayal they must feel at the decisions the adults they trust have made that have led us to this place. 

This writing from one of my favorite humans in the world inspired me to feed and direct my energy towards what matters most. Through the mantra “everything counts,” I spent a good bit of the week using to offer feedback and gratitude to my representatives. My older daughter and I joined in with some neighbors to hold a bake sale to raise money for RAICES, and we raised $275 due to our generous and compassionate community. We of course had several allergy-safe treats, which meant families who usually avoid bake sales could partake. My partner and I talked with our children about becoming the helpers the world needs, and trusted our smart, open hearted, resilient children with facts about the world they live in. I brought up the issue in my workout class, on social media, and with neighbors and friends. And I took darn good care of myself: long walks with my pup, delicious food, replenishing sleep, amazing books, and lots of hugs and snuggles with my family. 

For these families who MUST wander far from their homes and come here dreaming of a better life, I will direct my worry toward action. I am reminded, after this week, that worry depletes my energy, while self-care, engagement and action sustain it.